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Full Version: Link Exchanges: What they could do for your business: (Part 2)
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For those of you who are trying to find out if you should use an automated link promoter or just merely doing everything yourself:

Linking software's are great (not necessarily) I've tried 2 programs myself, and I should say that both attempts were a disaster! Now I'm not saying that eventually that there will be a great software out there to advertise your link change program.

Right now, below are a few of the issues

- The links that you will find aren't highly relevant to your websites information.

- Some links are usually "Link Farms" that only damage your search engine performance.

- You'll tend to get millions of adult internet sites!

and so on...


Here is a strategy that holds very good when I look for link partners:


I will flick through their ENTIRE "Resourceful Links" stated on the site and see if it's advisable to link to them, when I locate a great resource that's similar material to my site!


Listed here is another way of doing this efficiently for best results:


Enter their entire "URL" in www.google.com, if you occur to locate a good source. In the event people wish to identify additional information on building link, there are lots of on-line databases people can pursue.

What is this: you need to look

"Find webpages that connect to www.this-site.com"

The Reason Martin?

Once you go through the "pages that link to that site" you'll find web sites that have a fantastic link program associated with your site!

Make the most of linking to any or all the web sites listed within that search on google!



Especially when I have to e-mail my businesses information personally, it gets very flustering for an entrepreneur like me who is trying to have a really good supply of link transactions!

Try putting a Script" that takes the hyperlink trade information from the comfort of your website! You'll find that more sites would want to link to yours!

Here is an example of what your kind should ask:

1) Full Name: Martin Lemieux

2) Web site URL: Title: Smartads.Info :: Marketing & Advertising Hub

4) Description: (250 people or less)

Smartads :: Learn everything about Link Transactions, Search Engines Articles, Advertising & Marketing Tips, Website Design, Specific Canadian Internet sites. Campaign & Traffic Methods

5) Our link on your site: E-mail: youre-mail@yoursite.com

7) Comments:


That is all you really need!!!

Yet another little "Timbit",

Provide your link information to readers!

Please add your "Link Information" that you would want people to add on their site! I have attended a lot of internet sites were I had to spend more than 5 minutes searching for their "Link Exchange" information!

Now I am not talking about a link on your site to your link plan, I'm talking about the info you would give to other sites in order to trade links!

Questioning link deals!

Prepare yourself, it happens to all or any of us! Do not get angry each time a company you just linked to has just rejected your link change! Many companies available has STRICT instructions they are trying to find. To get other viewpoints, please consider taking a glance at: high pr backlinks. You might haven't read their specific rules they have! Do not be concerned about it, take a note and move ahead.

There is therefore don't go have a glass or two from one denial yet another 1,000 000 that may connect to you! I know we all hate them but just remember, we have all got them!

In the foreseeable future, when you are put in a predicament were you will be the one denying another site for a link exchange, just remember how you felt at the time and be considerate to the other by telling them WHY they were denied. I often replied to the site that refused my site to question why my site was not accepted and often I am surprised to hear the reason. what they'd to say!

I really hope this article has opened your brain about Link Exchanges!. In case you hate to discover more about link builder, there are tons of online resources people might consider pursuing.